Adventures of an Ibizan Hound

Here’s Flick, the reverse-patterned honey badger, nearly done! The only thing left he needs is a neck :D

I’m so incredibly proud of this guy. I keep looking at him and not believing that this is my second fursuit and first commission. I learned a lot designing and making him and have a lot I want to improve upon in the future.

His bodysuit is yet to be done and will be following soon. I apologize for the kitchen pictures. I just wanted to show off the progress and I will get more professional looking photos soon. Critique and feedback are very much welcome. <3

My personal favorite part of the suit is his mouth in its entirety. The flesh is micro suede and the gums/teeth/palate are minky. As much as I hated sewing 12 tiny plush teeth, I believe it came out looking great. I also hollowed out his muzzle as much as I possibly could and the breathing is amazing!

During construction, I was very determined for him to have a moving jaw without a hinge. There’s nothing wrong with hinges, but I know I’d personally have a hard time hiding that seam of the bottom jaw. When I had him in the foam stage it moved fine, yet when I started pinning things down, it stopped working as well and I was discouraged but didn’t mind so much if he had a static jaw since he didn’t mind either. However, now that everything is done, it moves just fine and is a welcome surprise!

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